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Becky started as a driving instructor in 1997. She opened the doors of Becky’s Driving School in late 2003. She cares about the students and really drives home the point of safety, both in the vehicle and out. She wants to make sure that the streets are safe for her children and her grandchildren.
Connie, Becky’s daughter, has been with Becky’s Driving School since it opened in 2003. She worked her way from the office into the instructor seat in 2008. She specializes in getting students used to the vehicle and comfortable with driving. She has helped her mom make Becky’s Driving School the success that it is today.
A former student of Becky’s Driving School, Darcy joined the team as an instructor in 2008. Her specialty is preparing students for their road test. She makes sure that each student knows everything that will be expected of them. She knows that road tests can make students especially anxious, so she shows them how to stay calm and in control.
Into her second year here at Becky’s Driving School, Aimee is also training to become a state trooper! Her work with us is instrumental as she drills maneuvers with the students. She has been dubbed the Maneuver Queen! For those students who have after-school activities, you'll be happy to know that Aimee works later into the evening to accomodate those schedules.
The newest member of Becky’s Driving School’s instructors, Fox has joined our team this year with the hopes of one day opening his own driving school. In the mean time, he’ll be helping us make the roads safer, teaching our students how to drive to stay alive.

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