shawnI love all things ridiculous. Cards Against Humanity is my favorite game of all time. I'm a social drinker and never smoke. My favorite songs to sing at Karaoke are "Santeria" by Sublime and "Breath" by Breaking Benjamin. I am working my way into the Archery ranks of the East Kingdom SCA with a bare Hoyt recurve. I have tattoos on both forearms that say "DISCIPLINE" and "DEDICATION" in Old English. My favorite alcohols are Malibu, Disaronno, and Kamikaze mixed drinks (1.5oz Vodka, Triple Sec and Lime Juice to a can of Sprite). I'm an open guy that loves meeting and talking to people, especially new people. Currently on my ipod is a wide mix of everything that will get the blood moving, including Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Eminem, Skindred, Rammstein, and Jay-Z.

In a dungeon, I'm the guy that whispers the tank he is missing Righteous Fury instead of insulting him in [Party] or [Instance] or defending tanks and healers from dps who can't control their aggro. I like to play healers, primarily, but since I am half-way decent at tanking, my raid spot is a Guardian Druid as Off-Tank. Of the healing classes, my favorite is Shaman, followed by Priest. I did not enjoy druid healing and haven't really given paladin healers a chance, since that is the preferred healing class of the Mrs. We have been playing since late-Wrath, though Cataclysm, tried to quit WoW altogether instead of farming Dragon Soul for the 12 billionth time, and came back about a month before 5.2 dropped. Recreating the team has been fun, but I don't think I'll be deleting my toons next time I try to quit WoW.


By the end of Mists of Pandaria I want to accomplish the following goals:
  1. Fully gear my Guardian Druid (Somebody@Kilrogg-US) and Resto Shaman (Brazac@Kilrogg-US) in Throne of Thunder gear (normal)
    • Somebody is currently 478/478
    • Brazac is currently 459/459
  2. Finish Wrathion's Legendary quest line on one of my characters.
    • Somebody is collecting Sigils of Wisdom & Power and is Honored with the Black Prince
  3. Hit 50,000g across all of my characters
    • I am up to 16,000g so far. I have never been able to break 10k.
  4. Enjoy killing Garrosh Hellscream several times per week during 5.3. (Whatever, I've been looking forward to this since Cataclysm released)

Out of Game
  1. Survive the "first time home buying" experience. Currently we're at the "Hurry up and Wait" stage with our lender. Looking forward to the "Clear to Close"
I'm a fatty, and I know I need to change that. I am a member of the Nerd Fitness Rebellion and a proud owner of The Four Hour Body so I know exactly how to obtain these goals, I just haven't had my Harajuku Moment so the motivation isn't quite there yet.
  1. Complete 4 sets of 20 pushups with only a 30 second break between sets. Currently, when doing real, full blown pushups, I can get all the way to 0.
  2. Squat and Deadlift 225lbs for a full set of 10. Currently I can deadlift 225lbs for 5 sets of 2, but I get dizzy and lightheaded after each set. I can squat 185 for a set of 10.
  3. Start a business making at least $10,000/month by December 31, 2013 so I can quit my day job.
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